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Pro Bono: Riverman forms a Nonprofit – A story of inspiration and giving back

I have a soft spot for musicians. I am one. It is my “alter ego.” Many of my professional colleagues know that I am a musician at heart. An old 70’s classic rock guy.

But I digress…I am going to “fictionalize” this story just a little bit. While I think my client, who is the subject of this article would be happy to share his story, I will err on the side of caution and change a few details to protect his privacy and confidentiality. The client, who is a musician, who I will call “Riverman” for this article, had some significant health setbacks in the last few years. I think for a while there he was not even sure he would be able to play his electric guitar again. The good news is Riverman started to get better and before long, he started to play again and I believe he has even been able to perform live and record. Now like so many musicians Riverman does not have very much income to say the least.

Nevertheless, Riverman was inspired by his recovery to want to try to help other musicians who have suffered the same health-setback get back on their feet. Riverman asked me if I would help him form a nonprofit tax-exempt organization (he did not use those exact words) whose mission would be to raise money to help these musicians get back on their feet and back to their instruments and music. As a musician, tax attorney, nonprofit attorney, and human being, I had to say yes. So, I said “yes!” So, we helped Riverman incorporate and organize his California nonprofit corporation, and we will soon start the process of applying for tax-exemption with the IRS. In fact, Riverman included the name of his health-setback in the name of his nonprofit entity! It has been a pleasure to help Riverman in this project and we look forward to supporting him in growing the nonprofit in the days to come.Riverman – you are an inspiration!

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