Music for the Courts    

Steve's Muse

Music with No Objection


Steve's passion for music continues to this day and has lead him to write and play music, but with a "legal twist". Thanks to the evolving technology of music production, better quality of home recording has been made possible and affordable, opening doors for artists like Steve.


All of this has made Steve's Legal Field inspired album, “May It Please The Court” possible. All these songs are written, performed, arranged and produced by Steve Rubin. So the same attorney that handles tax litigation is also the same man that you'll see in the following videos rocking out to unforgettable tunes.


A follow up effort called “Attorney-Client Privilege” is currently released.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Musicians of Influence

Fathers of Rock

In 2013, Steven found that he wasn't the only person who enjoyed the experiences of music, so he helped form the group known as Fathers of Rock. This is a group of experienced professionals who found pleasure and enjoyment in the rhythm of music.

The group's accolades include performances in the greater Los Angeles area, like The Mint. In addition the musical band is closely associated with the organization by hosting performances to raise money for our cause.

The Fathers of Rock are known to play a dynamic mix of British Rock, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, R & B, and Pop, playing classic covers. Though words are only limiters to the quality of music that is experience in live performances.

Most believe in the phrase that "seeing is believing" but our organization stands firm in the fact that "hearing is believing."