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Guitars 4 Justice is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. Donations are tax-deductible under the Internal Revenue Code.

Where do your donations go?


All proceeds received will go towards legal services that provide aid to low-income communities and courthouses in need. A few examples of beneficiaries included, but limited to, the Public Counsel Law Center & California Bar Foundation. 

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Live Performances


Guitars 4 Justice is firmly planted in the power and influence music has on encouraging community development. With this in mind one of the primary methods the foundation strives to raise funds is through the performance of live music.


Our past events, held in local Los Angeles venues like The Mint, have featured the musically talented whom are passionate about the affect music can have on one another and even the world. We look to channel this effervescent energy into fortifying our legal services one courtroom at a time.


Lastly, we hope to instill in others the belief that music can heal the soul and with enough support our court system.


Steve Rubin
Founder’s Notes 


Steve Rubin is a practicing Business & Tax attorney in the state of California and in 2003 he created his own law firm that has seen much success. But besides working in tax and business law Steve has a passion for music. Such a passion has taught him to acquire musical skills ranging from songwriting to performance. To a further extend his love for music he was inspired to combine the seemingly different worlds of Law and Music through the creation of Guitars 4 Justice (G4J). 

" Since I was 13 I knew how to play the guitar and as I grew older so did my passion for music and so when I was 15 I became a songwriter. Once becoming an adult I wrestled with how to combine my passion for music and my career goals. At this point music had played a significant role in my life and craved a solution that would link my music and music in general to the legal field I had chose to work in. After much deliberation I created G4J which was the product of my two passions coming together as one."

Steve's musical influences range from the Allaman Brothers, to BB King, to Santana, just to name a few. And his music features genres of music like the blues, acoustic-folk, rock and pop. In an effort to support the cause of supports our courts Steve himself will come to your home, office or other appropriate venue to perform in return for donations to the foundation.

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